Tutorial: Subscribe Contacts to a List Using Page Jumping

SurveyAct allows you to use a survey to qualify respondents and subscribe them to a list to receive your future surveys via e-mail campaigns.

Here is a real life example: Tom is small business owners who owns a chain of three pet supply stores. He is interested in expanding his product lines for dogs & cats, and would like to send monthly surveys to his customers to evaluate their success. However, not all his customers are dog or cat owners.

In this scenario, Tom needs to prequalify his customers so he can send his actual surveys to only the relevant customers.

Step 1: Create 2 contact groups

When you send out your survey, you will be subscribing the pet owners to specific lists based on their responses. So in this case, we need to create two new contacts; one called Cat Owners, and one called Dog Owners. From the sidebar on the left hand side of the dashboard, choose ‘Contact Groups’ and then click on ‘+New Group’ at the top right. Name your group and click ‘Save & Continue.’ Repeat this process one more time until you have two groups.


Step 2: Create a new survey called ‘Dog/Cat Owner Sign Up Survey’
Simply click on the blue +NEW SURVEY button on the top left corner of the dashboard. Enter your survey name and click on Continue.

Step 3: Add your qualification question.
Click on ‘Add Question’ and choose a radio button multiple choice question. In the question editor, enter your question text. In this case, it would be something like, “Which of the following pets do you currently own?” In the answer choices box, enter your choices: Dog, Cat, or None of the above. Make sure to check off the setting to require an answer.

Step 4: Add an e-mail subscription question on a new page.
At the bottom of the first page, click on ‘Add Page.’ Name your page ‘Dog Owners’ and save. Click on ‘Add Question’ and choose ‘E-mail Subscription.’ In the question text, enter something like “Would you like to sign up to receive future surveys about new products for dogs? If yes, please fill out your information below.” Choose the contact group you just created for Dog Owners and click Save.

Step 5: Repeat the step above for cat owners.
Copy your previous page by selecting the ‘Edit Page’ and clicking ‘Copy Page.’ At the bottom of the page, click ‘Copy Page here,’ Change your page title and the settings of the copied e-mail subscription question to reflect cat owners.

Step 6: Add page jump rules.
You will have to add rules to the qualification question to direct respondents based on their selections. If the respondent selected dog, they will automatically be sent to the next page. If they selected cat, you want to skip them to page to three. Click on the ‘+PAGE JUMP’ button at the bottom right of the first page and set the following rules:
Click save to apply the page jumps.


One last thing you’ll need to is add a skip to the 2nd page to make sure that dog owners don’t see the cat owners subscription page. Simply add another page jump rule there:

That’s it- you’re all set! Send out your survey, and anyone who fills out either of the two subscription questions will automatically become a part of your contact list that you can use to send surveys over and over again.

You can view the live survey here.

For more on page jumping, see http://www.surveyact.com/help/page-jumping/how-to-add-page-jumps-to-a-survey/.

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