How to Get People to Take Your Survey-Part 1

So you’ve drafted the perfect survey; now is the easy part, right? Maybe not. Even if you have a list of contacts ready to go, half the battle is getting people to actually take your survey. People are busy, and even your most loyal customers may not have the time or patience. So what can you do to to incentivize them?

Part 1: Coupons


If you have a store, or sell a product or service, coupons are a win-win incentive for both you and your potential respondents; they encourage people to take your survey while at the same time increasing their chances of making a repeat purchase by drawing them back to your store or website. The coupon has to be attractive though; offering 5% off may not be enough for people to take notice. if you are sending your survey to past customers, it is very likely that they will be interested in a discount. However, if you are sending your survey to non-customers, your offer may have to be a bit more attractive. For example, a higher than normal discount, a free gift with a purchase, or even a free item. To make your coupon even more attractive, you can partner with a similar or nearby business. For example, ‘Take our survey and get a 35% off coupon to Tom’s Pet Shop and Sprinkles Ice Cream!”

How To Insert a Coupon Into Your Survey

See example of a survey with a coupon at the end here.

Step 1: Create your survey. To ensure that respondents don’t just skip through the survey to get to the coupon, make sure to require at least some of the more important questions.

Step 2: At the end of your survey, create a new page. For reference, you can name your page, “Coupon Offer.”

Step 3: On the new page, add an Image (one of the Special Question Types).  In the box for question text, insert your instructions. For example, “Thanks for taking our survey! Please print out the coupon below. (CTRL+P on most browsers.)”

Step 4: Click the ‘Upload Image’ box and browse for your coupon (PNG, GIF, JPEG formats). Make sure your coupon includes all relevant information, such as the offer, the expiration date, terms and conditions, and a web site coupon code, if applicable.

However you choose do distribute your survey, be sure to emphasize the coupon as your incentive. If you are sending out an email campaign, for instance, choose a subject link such as, “Take our 5 minute survey and get 50% off your next purchase!”

Keep an eye out for part two of this article next week!

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