Online Surveys for Educators- Course/Instructor Evaluations

Believe it or not, the school year is coming to a close. Before you send your students off into the summer, don’t miss the opportunity to have them evaluate your course, assignments, performance, etc.

Gone are the days when evaluations and feedback required printing out forms, handing out pencils, and tallying results. You can easily create an online survey to efficiently distribute your questionnaire and have your results calculated automatically and in real time.

Give your Students a Voice

Your students will appreciate the opportunity to give their thoughts and opinions in a safe and anonymous setting. You might be surprised at the insights you can uncover by asking the right questions.  Use a combination of multiple choice questions, which produce data that is simplest to interpret, and open-ended questions.

Evaluate Learning

How well did your students absorb the material? You can create a quick survey to see how your class overall understood and retained information. You can even send out the same survey before and after the lesson to compare responses.

Get Feedback From Family Members

What did your student’s parents think of your class? Do they feel that their child enjoyed having you as their teacher? Family/teacher relationships are an important part of the classroom dynamic, and it is important not to miss out on receiving their feedback as well. You can send an online survey to the parents in your class as an easy way to learn more about their opinions.

Here is an example of a survey used to evaluate a student’s experience in the classroom.



Want to create your own survey today? Check our completely free tool at

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