Branding: Create a Logo or Tagline Survey

Whether you are starting a new business or organization, or re-branding an existing one, your logo and tagline are two of the the most important elements of your brand. Both give people their first impression of who you are as a company, so you want to make sure that what you choose is memorable and clearly identifies your goals and specialties. There is no better way to determine if your logo or tagline options send the right message than by sending out a survey to your target market and asking for their feedback.

What kind of questions can you ask?

Multiple Choice Questions: You can ask single and multiple response multiple choice question types to have respondents choose from a list of predetermined responses.

Example: Which of the following adjectives do you feel applies to this tagline?

Rating Scale: You can use a rating scale to have respondents rate your logo or tagline on scale.

Example: Please rate this logo on a scale from extremely a

  • ttractive to extremely unattractive.

Open Ended Questions: You can use open ended questions to ask users to describe what the logo or tagline that you are showing them makes them feel, or what it brings to mind. If you use this question type, keep in mind that open ended questions are very difficult to measure, but they can also provide unique insights.

Example: What does this logo represent to you?

There have been quite a number of recent flops on the part of some major corporations who tried to change their branding without first seeing if it appealed to their customers. You can avoid this potential PR disaster by sending out a simple survey! You may need to offer your respondents some sort of incentive to take the survey, such as a coupon or a raffle entry, in order to get the number of results you need to make a decision.


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