Tutorial: Creating a Consent Page for your Survey

Sometimes you may want to add a page where users have to agree to Terms & Conditions, a privacy policy, or something similar. This is easy to use using a radio button question and some simple page jump logic.

Step 1. Add a New Survey

Step 2. Insert a radio button question as your first question. In the question text box, enter the instructions, terms, or policy that you would like respondents to accept before proceeding.

Step 3. In the answer choices field, enter your responses, such as Yes, I accept and No, I do not accept, on different lines.

Step 4. Make sure to select ‘Require Answer’ so that respondents cannot proceed without choosing yes or no.

Your survey should now look something like this:


Step 5. At the bottom of the page, click on + Page Jump and add a rule that states that a respondent who selects ‘No’ is taken to the end of the survey.



See this is in action here.

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