Survey Alert: The Rise of the Boomerang Generation

It is no secret that because of the lack of jobs available for recent college graduates as well as the rising costs of purchasing a home, there is an increasing number of adult children moving back with their parents after college.  The question is, “With these factors in play, is there still a stigma attached to moving back home after college”?

According to a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC., the answer has increasingly become “no.” Results from this survey found that:

Younger parents (ages 18-34) believe adult children can live with their parents for as long as 6 years after college.  This is significantly different than older parents (ages 55 and older) who feel adults should move out of their parents’ home within 4 years of finishing college.

College Student Survey SurveyAct

Fact: This trend is driven by Women & Those Living in the Northeast:

Men (16%) are significantly more likely to believe that an adult should never live at home with his or her parents after college than women (11%).

Adults in the Northeast are more accepting of having adults live at home with their parents after college than those in the South.  Northeasterners (23%) believe that no amount of time is too long for adult children to live with their parents after college, compared to 17%of Southerners who indicated the same.

Lastly, four in five (80%) Americans believe that it’s okay for adult children to live with their parents if they are saving money to buy their own home.

To read full survey results click here.

Would you allow your children to come back home after college and for how many years?!

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