The Importance of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Did you know that 44% of individuals who live in the U.S. and Canada are unsatisfied with their jobs?  Hard to believe but true!  And, according to a survey conducted by Right Management,  only 19% of the same population reported being completely satisfied with their job.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

What affect does this have on you? If you are a business owner or human resources professional you should find these statistics alarming. Not only does low job satisfaction affect your employees’ quality of life, but also has a direct negative affect on your organization.  When employees do not feel fulfilled it can result in lower productivity, poor performance and lesser engagement at work.

What should you do in this situation? Get to the root of the problem!  Are your employees feeling the same way as the general population?  If so, why?  This is where conducting surveys can play a major role.  Surveys give employees an anonymous outlet to express their opinions to upper management, with the added benefit of feeling as though their opinion is of importance to the organization at hand.

Key things to consider when creating an employee satisfaction survey:
-Especially if your organization is a small business; make it clear that the survey you created is completely anonymous and that there will be absolutely no way of figuring out which responses match up to specific employees.

-The purpose of the study is to find out what factors are causing employees’ unhappiness.  Questions should focus on a few key factors that generally cause dissatisfaction in the workplace including:

-Workload not challenging enough or too challenging for the employee.
-Managers “over-supervising” or not giving enough direction.
-Not enough opportunities for advancement based on job performance.
-Employees not feeling that they are compensated fairly for the work they are doing.

*These are just a few sample factors. For more examples, read this article published by the Houston Chronicle on “Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction”. 

-Steer clear of using language that sounds too “professional”.  Word the questions in a way that an employee feels as though you are approachable and will be comfortable sharing their true thoughts and opinions.

What are my next steps? Once you create and collect all of your responses, you will be able to identify any main issues that exist within your organization and any changes that you need to make.  If you need additional information just check out how to build employee satisfaction questionnaires and other types of business surveys.

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