Google Glass: How It Relates to Online Surveys?!

We have just about heard it all! Technology is spreading like wildfire across multiple platforms (TV, phones, computers) and being integrated into our everyday lives.  The technology movement is changing the way educators teach in the classroom, the way businesses carry-out processes and the way we communicate with our friends and family (just to name a few!).  A phone can now be a portal to check your emails, access your social media networks and keep yourself entertained with games and your favorite news websites.


Pushing the barriers of technology even further, Google is in the process of developing a product called Google Glass (styled “GLΛSS”), a wearable computer (like glasses) that displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format and can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.  You can check the weather or FaceTime/Skype with friends all without pushing a button or sitting in front of a screen.

Alas, online surveys are now catching on! SurveyAct’s platform makes it simple and easy to distribute your surveys through multiple technological channels ensuring that the largest number of qualified respondents is reached and at a lightning fast pace. Create not just one, but 4 different distribution methods to ensure a scalable respondent rate including:

  • A Web Link – creates a link you can use to send your survey in an email message or post online.
  • An E-mail Campaign- sends a message with a link to your survey to groups of contacts that you create.
  • An Embedded Pop-Up – creates a code that you can copy and paste to create a pop-up window on your website.
  • Social Media Post – automatically publishes a link to your survey on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Ok, so it’s no Google Glass but it is advanced survey technology created to streamline your online survey-creating process!

Read more on how to distribute your survey here.


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