Survey Alert: Half of Americans Believe Celebrities Can Make a Positive Difference When They Support a Cause

It is no secret that celebrities act as role models, influencing society (particularly teenagers) in various ways including the way we dress, the products we buy, the music we listen to and our overall lifestyle.  It is only on a case to case basis that we can determine whether this influence has a positive or negative effect on society.

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But do these celebrities actually make a difference?  When it comes to the aspects listed above, the answer is still “to be determined”.  However, when it comes to spreading awareness of a disease or a conflict in another country or even to help pass or stop a piece of legislation, more and more American’s are convinced that these celebrities can make a large positive difference in the cause that they are promoting.

In fact, according to the results of a Harris Poll, over half of Americans (53%) believe that celebrities can make a positive difference in these areas, up from just 45% in 2008.  Conversely, just over one in five (22%) believe these celebrities can make a little positive difference for their cause and just 16% say they make no difference at all, down from 24% who said this in 2008.

And, can celebrities actually spur others to support their cause?  19% of Americans say that they have supported a cause because they have received information from an actor, singer or celebrity compared to only 15% who said this in 2008.

Lastly, specific celebrities have more influence over society than others.  The majority of individuals surveyed listed Angelina Jolie as most effective in raising awareness of her causes followed by Brad Pitt, Michael J. Fox and Bono/U2, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

Are your views influenced by celebrities?!

To read full results of the poll click here.


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