Fun Holiday Survey Facts brought to you by SurveyAct!

From our office/home to yours, we would like to thank all of our users, supporters and friends for choosing SurveyAct! We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and cannot wait to share your success in 2014; along with some new and exciting additions to our site!


Because we are survey-obsessed, we thought we’d share our top random holiday statistics!:

  • Among those who celebrate Christmas, nearly a third reported that Christmas is more of a cultural holiday than a religious holiday. (
  • According to a survey by Marketwatch, Barbie was the number 1 selling Christmas toy during the 2013 season – hard to believe Mattel released their first version of Barbie a whopping 54 years ago!
  • The app Flightaware revealed that the worst airline to use between Christmas and New Year’s is Frontier Airlines, with 31.56 percent of flights arriving late during the past 3 holiday seasons.  JetBlue Airways was a close second with 30.65 percent of flights arriving late.
  • A survey conducted by Kaiser Permanente uncovered, true to form, a high percentage of Americans—46 percent—said they tended to gain “a few pounds” during the holiday season, with 43 percent of men and 49 percent of women in that camp.
  • According to survey by Credit Donkey, the most wanted types of gifts this year were gift cards for women (87%) and electronics (83%) for men.

We hope you receive(d) everything on your Christmas/Chanukah list this year! Looking forward to seeing you in 2014!


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