Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolution?! Survey Alert!

On behalf of the SurveyAct team, we’d like to wish you a happy start to 2014! It’s hard to believe that January is already almost coming to a close!  While we are busy planning what’s in store for the year, we thought we would share some survey results that reflect what types of resolutions Americans made for 2014!

New-Year-Blog-Post-PictureAlthough we read countless articles and watch numerous commercials prior to the New Year about resolutions to lose weight or get in shape that is not American’s top New Year’s priority. According to a survey conducted by Red Bull and Harris interactive, the top 2014 New Year’s resolution among American’s ages 25-49 are:

  • Personal Growth – 87% want to travel more
  • Professional Development – 74% plan to ask for a raise/promotion at work
  • Love – 65% want to date more and or get engaged/married

The study also showed that what motivates men and women to achieve their resolutions are significantly different:

  • Women are more likely than men to be inspired by the satisfaction of accomplishing their goals while men are more likely than women to be inspired by money.

With all of these resolutions going on, how many will actually be motivated enough to keep them?

  • 42% of males reported a 76% chance or greater that they’ll keep any of their resolutions.
  • 39% of females reported a 76% chance or greater that they’ll keep any of their resolutions.
  • Only 12% of both women and men reported a 100% chance they will keep their resolutions.

What are the chances that you will keep your resolutions?!

For full survey results click here. 


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