Tutorial – How to Easily Share Survey Results

Oftentimes, when creating a survey, individuals’ end goal is to share results with a colleague, upper management, classmates, a teacher, etc.  In a few simple steps, SurveyAct allows you to create a unique web link that goes directly to your default report without having the hassle of sharing back-end access to your account (especially if you want your account to remain private). Additionally, this allows the recipient to see results without having them create an account of their own.

The end report includes results in the format of bar graphs, # of respondents and percentages.

How to easily share a report:

  • In the Reports Manager, locate the name of the report that you wish to share.
  • In the Actions drop down menu, click “Share”.
  • Click Create URL Link to generate a link to your report.
  • To share the link, simply copy and paste it and send it to whomever you wishSharing-Report-Blog-image

The links that are generated are dynamic, and will be automatically updated with new responses as they are collected.

To read more about sharing the results of your survey click here.


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