Think Data Isn’t Important To Your Company?


How do surveys help propel your company forward?  Surveys, employee, customer satisfaction or other establish a baseline for company objectives, both from an employee standpoint and from a customer standpoint.  There are many studies that show that employee satisfaction surveys can go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover.

However, the bottom line is always customer satisfaction.  How can you fix what you do not know is broken? reports that six in ten Americans think that companies have not increased their attention to service at all.  This is a staggering number when you consider over half of your customers may not think you are doing a good job.  This also may account for the dependence on Social Media as a tool for choosing everything and anything in the retail market.  More customers want a personal experience based on good customer service.  Smart companies realize that if you are out of touch with your customers, you are missing the boat.

Think about it.  How likely are you to tell a company that their customer service was horrible? Now consider how likely you are to tell every friend you have that a company has terrible customer service.  Customer satisfaction surveys can help you address bad experiences and fix them.  This is one mistake that companies make in today’s social media world.  It has been said that not responding to a tweet or like is like not answering the phone in 1970.  Not answering a customer complaint or deleting a bad review is worse.  You can’t get away with it in today’s world.

Think about Microsoft, they had a horrendous browser.  They knew it.  They addressed it and opened a lot of minds to IE10 by addressing what they knew was the truth.  The result, people that were previously unwilling to look at Internet Explorer once again started considering it.  Two years later, Internet Explorer is still in wide use after many thought that IE’s death was imminent.

In closing, don’t wait to create a customer satisfaction survey.  Know what is going on and use that feedback to improve your business.




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